Will my insurance cover this?

This wellness work is about your health, body and mind. Health insurance is actually not health insurance. It is disease insurance, and doesn’t insure your health. It was never about health. The health insurance business is not interested in you being healthy because they are operating for a profit and lower insurance costs will lower their bottom line. The disease treatment business is owned by the insurance business and most in the field are really employees indirectly of insurance companies just as accountants are employees of the IRS. We will help you with a bill that you may submit to your insurer. The visit may go toward your deductible. Much of what we do for you is truly defined as billable expense in the insurance codes but that generally doesn’t mean reimbursement.  Health insurance does not pay for food supplements.

 Digging for the Truth

What’s wrong with me? Diagnosis is the naming of the “disease” or dysfunction for which you are to be treated. This Diagnosis is essential for the reimbursement of your medical bills by your health (disease) insurance. If the diagnosis is not covered by the insurance, no payment. If the insurance excludes the diagnosis for pre-existence, too bad, no pay. If there is no diagnosis, no pay, noway.

Nowadays if there is the slightest chance that the insurance company can avoid coverage of medical expenses, believe it, they are looking for that escape! This is their survival ploy in the brutal, profit motivated insurance business.

On the other hand, they dump zillions of dollars into the $25,000.00 heart angioplasties. How about the $90,000.00 coronary by passes, or the $300,000.00 special babies, or the $10,000.00 sessions of chemotherapy one after the other for years, or the $36,000.00/year dialysis? The list is long, and overwhelming.

The FACT is, it is DISEASE INSURANCE- NOT Health insurance. Sorry, none of this is about wellness. Wellness is about retaining your health and improving it, or increasing your life span with lifestyle changes. Maintaining good health, and preventing poor health, are not services paid for by health insurance. Rarely an insurance will cover a yearly breast exam, or a dental cleaning, but these are minuscule tokens of consideration. Smart insurances do reduce premiums for good behavior, such as low weight, normal blood pressure, and not smoking.

As much as 44% of the income of the major US hospitals is derived from three procedures; angioplasty, angiograms, and coronary bypasses, procedures demonstrated to not significantly change the morbidity of heart disease any more than lifestyle change by the patient. Actually, the “health” care infrastructure is so gargantuan that there is no likelihood that it will be deconstructed by people being well. Your wellness is not the intention of the disease care industry. The treatment of your disease is their intention. To end disease is counter to the intention of the disease care industry. Big business, disease!

Wellness is big business also, but on a cash basis. Why not? Who is responsible for being and staying well? It should be the individual. In fact, “Health” (disease) insurance would serve us all better if they began really pressing the customers who live lousy lifestyle choices for higher premiums. The three major killer diseases, cancer, heart disease and stroke, along with their competing disease, medical mistakes and mishaps, are lifestyle diseases in the vast majority of cases. You are paying for my bad behavior! Thanks!

Wellness is business. We are buying everything from African tree bark to Himalayan mushrooms to achieve it. Wellness is absolutely worth pursuing. The prize, is a life of quality and freedom to seek your goals. If nothing else, “the best revenge is living well”. Trusting your “wellness advice” is essential, and best you seek qualified sources of help with it. This can save you your very health. There are reliable sources and methods for determining your best good for wellness and longevity. Buy smart! Porterwellness is all about your Getting Well, Being Well and Staying Well, naturally.