Why Porterwellness?

Porterwellness, others only record your health history, we help you write it!  That’s right, and although this may be new thinking the bottom line is that it is your life, your health, your choice!

The choices are fundamentally this: Do what most people do. Take all “health and wellness” concerns to allopathic medicine whose job it is to find disease and treat it with drugs, surgery or radiation. That’s it. Or, take a proactive stance and seek and follow the path of wellness. Wellness is a process. Wellness is not a destination but a journey. It is daily practice of the virtuous life, including the honor and respect and service of the body’s needs; structural, chemical, mental/emotional, electrical and spiritual. Wellness is the natural state of the body. Wellness is not treating yourself with drugs to lower cholesterol or control blood pressure. Wellness seeks the cause of the body disorder and uses safe, natural methods and remedies to encourage the body to its natural state of freedom from disease. Wellness does not deny the use of necessary drugs, rather it seeks ANY choice of the body to resolve imbalance. Thus, any remedy which the body itself can demand may resolve imbalance. Modern drug therapy is about cookbook, patented recipes for the masses irregardless of bioindividuality.  Allopathic medicine keeps body imbalance in control so it won’t get worse or kill you.  Bioenergetic testing allows the body to choose whats best. Choosing wellness is choosing responsibility for life, yours!

You can create great health now and into your old age! Imagine when you have felt your best, full of energy, stamina and endurance. You could push your body to the limit and feel great the next day.  Imagine you could eat anything without upset, you could sleep like a baby, you didn’t get ill, miss school or work. You could do what you wanted without inhibition of poor health. You looked good and felt that way. Think of the advantage in life of constant robust health, into your old age. Wouldn’t that be great!!!

What are your health plans for your future?  Do you want to write your health history in a way that incorporates the dream you have? Does your life plan include health freedom today and in later years? Do you desire to have strength, energy, vitality to live a full and active life till the day you die?

OR will you do what many people do, and spend later years, and maybe not so later years, managing a disease condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, that could have been prevented by good action and behavior today? The truth is this,  if you don’t take time for your health today, you will be forced to take time and money, lots of both,  to manage your disease tomorrow. We cannot expect to walk tomorrow if we do not walk today. IT is a fact that DISEASE care is expensive, distracting, disheartening, undependable, intoxicating, and for those life taking diseases that are consuming the humans you are, it is nothing more than disease management, called Health care which is a lie and a deception. The third leading cause of death today in the United States is medical mishap, which includes medical mess ups, drug mistakes and doctor induced diseases such as the drug resistant infections from the over utilization of drugs. The first two causes are cancer and heart disease. The vast majority of the life depleting, life shortening diseases humans suffer are preventable, lifestyle problems.

Why is this SO important to us at Porterwellness? First and foremost, we care about you! Yes that’s partly altruistic, but the deeper reality is that we are all really connected. In this energetic, quantum physics world, it is true that we are all interdependent. It is deeper than the connection and effects we have on one another in family, neighborhood, community, nation and world. The energy of the universe is better if you are better and worse if you are worse. You are very important. While we think minutely about your sore neck and headache, we are concerned about the loss of your health as it affects us all. You count for us and Porterwellness counts for you. We are our brother’s keeper and will do what we can to support a healthy world, starting with you and your health.

There are also serious economic reasons why we want you to be well. A friend whose wife is treating lymphoma, a cancer, was commenting on the 3 hypodermic syringes of medication he was placing in his refrigerator for her treatment. They were, and this is true, $10,000.00 apiece!. This is scary, absurd, overwhelming. Heart bypasses are around $80,000.00, coronary stents are about $24,000.00 and angiograms are about the same! Those three procedures account for about 43% of the incomes of the major hospitals and there is research proving that they are no better than doing nothing but life style modification. Reviewing a local health insurance payment audit done for CDS reveals that the insurance paid $100,000.00 for a pacemaker placement. They were remarking that the pacemaker was marked up from its cost of $23,000.00 to $70,000.00, and were sorry they hadn’t negotiated a probable $24,000.00 off the pacemaker price. Whoa! I know a troubled fetus at birth can cost $250,000.00 or more. An acquaintance has been treating cancer for 8 years and the insurance has paid over $800,000.00 to date! A single chemotherapy treatment runs $8000.00 and up! If you enter the emergency room locally and they turn on the trauma response unit its an automatic $5000.00.

A young acquaintance was taken from a car accident to the emergency room and after many procedures including 5 CAT scans was released with a strained back diagnosis, $18,000.00.  How about dialysis ranging from $68 thousand to $214 thousand per year, or hip replacement at $55 thousand.  350 thousand hips are replaced each year in the US. Note that this surgery is $7500.00 in India, where many complex but fine surgeries are performed at 10 to 20% of the US price. What about just spending 100’s of dollars a month for a lifetime on medication? How about a simple family “Disease insurance” policy for $12,000.00 per year!

It is absolutely staggering. Prevention remains the only worthy consideration to avoid where possible the sinkhole of “modern American health” care no, I mean “disease” care!

Who can take responsibility for your health and your body besides you? It leaves just this: Your life, your health, your choice!


There is no question; the secret to health, wellness, and longevity is to not get sick! No, not those little colds and backaches, but those diseases that take most folks lives making them miserable and short. That is not sarcasm, preventing these diseases is the real solution to your desires for a long and healthy life.

Your experience and that of all around you say a long healthy life isn’t achievable. People get sick, then older, then sicker. Thankfully we know some people who don’t go that route as quickly as others, but the major causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, stroke, complications of diabetes, and more, and all are lifestyle diseases and one or more of those will get you! Again, these are lifestyle diseases.  That means they are controllable!  AND, your body can show you the trouble- and the solution, you must simply know how to read it and follow its needs.

Imagine knowing all about your body’s direction BEFORE it becomes sick. What if you knew your immune system was compromised before you had a serious problem? How about knowing your heart is in trouble long before that “disease” is diagnosed by modern medicine? What if you could diagnose the inflammation in your body before it turns to arthritis or heart disease or worse? Well you can know! And you can follow your body to the solution of health problems before they are out of control, disabling, drug dependent and headed for a miserable later life! This can all be done naturally, following the intelligence of YOUR body, not some textbook that might remotely relate to you personally. You are not the textbook on human health, nor is the textbook you. And what’s more is that you can greatly improve the quality of your remaining life.

WELLNESS, you need to know!

What is wellness? The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.  Also, an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

If I feel fine, how do I know if I am really healthy in body and mind?

The average person cannot know this. The body is built to tolerate much reduced and compromised function before symptoms and problems appear. This is why people don’t know they have heart disease, cancer or diabetes and more till the disease is advanced, and often it’s too late to help.  Because of the silent onset of these diseases we do not see the effect of our lifestyle against our health till the body has advanced into the disease.

Know this truth—it is easier to prevent than to cure disease.

You are afraid to know about your health! Why?

Sickness and illness disturb your status quo in some way or other. They shake up your plans, they interrupt your journey, they screw up your life plan. Worse than that, they pull you, push you into the unknown. This is very uncomfortable. This is the land of the victim, victim hood, at the mercy of the unknown, out of control. We are so gifted, as we experience some great disturbance in our body, such as a bad flu, we overcome it, pass through it, Survive! After feeling physically terrible, achy, chilled, sick, vomiting, runny bowels and fever and the very end of our normal physical world, yet  we survive, we live through it, and it is gone, and we are fine, as if nothing happened. Think of it, that’s amazing, really! The human body is SO amazing. So what’s to be afraid of?

Simple, the unknown.

Did you ever stop to think what it means to be dependent on medication, every day, for the rest of your life? Caught, are you, in the apparent reality that “other people do it” therefore so can I.

Or is it this? We disconnect from all that truth of who and what we are physically because we just weren’t taught, it wasn’t relevant. It just never came up? Wow, there is a doctoral thesis in this discussion, and frankly, the answer remains elusive to the question, “are you afraid of illness” or “do you want to know the truth about your health?”  It may be the wrong question! Maybe you’re not afraid of illness but are ignorant of health. Perhaps it is that all of us are gifted with the forgiveness of youth and the flexibility of our young resilient bodies. But for most people we don’t understand aging and when our hair turns grey, or we lost the ability to wear our good slacks, or our energy won’t let us climb the stairs without a rest. Loss of true core health of the body is generally insidious, hidden, creeping, and silent.

How can I really learn how my health is, my body is, before trouble appears?

Modern medicine has some clues, and routine testing might reveal some possible health problems. This is generally not comprehensive nor early in detection, and it’s expensive and depends on the savvy of your doctor. Only a few MDs are even remotely wellness minded. Their training is in one thing, disease and its treatment. You need a trained, experienced, wellness minded practitioner with the tools and methods necessary to assess your health and wellness and to guide you in getting well, being well and staying well!  That’s what Porterwellness is all about!

MTIV- Making the Invisible-visible!

Chronic disease is invisible before it is visible. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, malnutrition, ulcers, and malfunction after malfunction are invisible to the human sense before they are advanced to the detection stage. Why? These problems are controlled by the body’s compensation mechanisms till they are advanced. High blood pressure is detected after it’s high, diabetes after its developed, cancer after its grown, and so on. In some cases there are tests to discover these diseases in their early stages, but most are not receiving these tests or they are not available or reliable.

As a student in the 70’s I was exposed to the art and science of Muscle Response Testing (MRT). It is the primary tool of the science of Applied Kinesiology. This simple process is the most remarkable and important discovery of the modern age in natural health care. MRT intelligently applied is a method of asking the human body questions and receiving indications from the test of the condition of that body. Because the body is in its own context, considerate of its entire self relative to that self, the MRT reveals the true status of that body in response to the question appropriately posed by the testor. The body doesn’t lie. The body knows. Malfunction in the body is undetectable in early stages of most illness via ordinary clinical testing methods, but the subtle energy of the body and the information it carries is available to the MRT. Since 1975 I have personally performed at least one million muscle tests on over 20 thousand people. I am one of at least several hundred practitioners who have done the same thing. That is a huge sample, and the results are consistent, unfailing and of great use for the discovery of and treatment of subclinical imbalance leading to illness in the body. Applications of MRT are many and varied but all represent the ability to access the body’s true state of health and respond to its needs BEFORE serious disease develops. This is the key to true health and wellness!