How is Testing and Analysis Done?

How is the testing and analysis done?

Utilizing the Muscle Response Test, or Bioenergetic testing, your body is evaluated following ancient acupuncture knowledge, physiology, neuroanatomy, subtle energy reactivity, standard physical signs, light reactivity, substance reactivity and compatibility and more to discover how well it is and how well it’s working. Body and system function scores allow the measurement and therefore the management of your health and wellness.

Beyond these which are our fundamentals is the remarkable power of the body to know and ask for its own needs. No matter the output of the diagnostic tool one uses, be it chemistry panel of blood or hormones or other, or answers to diagnostic questionnaires, the body itself is the ultimate measuring device. We know the methods and proposals of measuring the body bioenergetically are foreign to most people. There is a shift in paradigm, which is your model of the world, necessary to incorporate this information. Yet given the numbers, millions, of tests and at least 100’s of thousands of patients receiving the tests and their results, we discover that the work of bioenergetics makes sense because it is not outside the body. It is your experience. Believing your own body turns out to be very encouraging, while relieving much of the fear of the unknown associated with the medical model.

“Scientific Minds” and “scientific tests” so called represent what has driven medical health care for 70 plus years. Fine. Yet in this formula for “disease” care and “health” care the vast populace, you, continue to become more medication dependent, and while living longer, not healthier for that long life. Recently a woman came into my care with distress syndrome, nothing more.   She had previously seen 6 doctors and had been prescribed 11 different medications at one clinic! Can this be rational? Is this our choice in the most modern country of the world. Indeed not. This is the choice of the pharmaceutical industry marketing to a trusting yet ignorant public. We must conclude that their methods are not for those desiring true health, health from the natural body, health as you were designed to be healthy.