Wellness Visits

Your life, your health, your choice, Porterwellness will help you;

GET WELL, that means we will assist your journey to your best function now. This will cover our best success in getting your systems, parts and their functions working as they should, respiration, cardiovascular, digestive and so on. This is major work for some, not so challenging for others. Whatever your case, getting to optimum performance is essential.

BE WELL, this means staying as well as you can be for your circumstances, through the good behavior and science of living and performing at your best level, body, mind and spirit.

STAY WELL, your future may be optimized, your aging slowed down, your longevity enhanced, your freedom of life prolonged to do what your life and heart desire through the effective practice of good health behaviors and the utilization of quality nutritional support along with best use of your life-time, body performance, and hopes and aspirations.

Wellness being defined as the quality or state of being healthy, in body and mind, especially as a result of deliberate effort, or, as an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

How is all that, “and more” possible for Porterwellness?

Wellness is wholeness, and wholeness is wellness. In many ways it is so much easier to treat wellness than disease. That is our approach, to treat wellness. We know what wellness is and it is always our goal.  All doctors are taught the basic function and physiology of the body, but they for the most part forget that and study a system, they then specialize and treat diseases of systems, and forget that the body is the intelligent healer. The average Doctor never asks a patient if they drink water, eat well, have regular bowel movements. Sleep according to need, or all the fundamental questions. At Porterwellness we are about fundamentals. AND, we have walked the path of wholeness. And we are armed with the best tools and technology to communicate with your body’s intelligence which far surpasses our intelligence as individuals. And we operate from the basic platform of knowing that you are structure, you are chemistry, you are your life activities, your thoughts and feelings, your electrical nature and your soul and that you are not individual pieces and parts disconnected and operating without effect on all parts of your whole self.