Vitamin Testing


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Office procedure for vitamin testing and nutrient discounts


  • All vitamins purchased for refills and self-maintained and self-prescribed nutrition for current patients of Porterwellness are discounted 10%.
  • When retesting is required supplements will be refilled at the full price.
  • Testing and prescription of nutrition during a regular office visit will be included in that office visit charge unless the number of nutrients tested and prescribed adds extra time to the visit.
  • Individual nutrients and samples of anything, including water, food, beverages, vitamins and the like brought to the regular office visit will be tested for no charge if it is only one or two items. Additional items will be tested for $5 each.
  • Testing is most readily done with substance in handy containers or their original package. We are happy to do this testing, we are extremely good at it and we trust our results. If the tests don’t come out as you like please consult your body about it. We remain neutral. We don’t know why things test different than you want or think.
  • Regarding the test results on any item so tested, these results and advise that may accompany them are based as near as possible on body response tests that reflect:
    • 1. the patients reactivity to the item,
    • 2. the quality of the item,
    • 3. the possible demand of the body for the item.
  • If the item tested is of low quality vis a vis the test, it will not be recommended. If the body demonstrates a demand for the item the dosage will be prescribed. These results are based on body compatibility and desirability as demonstrated by that body, not the tester’s preference. Generally nothing testing low will be prescribed as that would be contrary to the goal of optimum health.
  • FYI, the cost of the item, the source, the label, the claims, the testimonials, the upline, the downline, the history, the relatives, the scientific journals are fundamentally meaningless. The body energy compatibility and desire are paramount, and personal, and correct. The body knows. The office policy is to support only what works and can be verified with personal compatibility testing.
  • Using nutrition that is of low quality, of no worth, or that you expect to deliver something it can’t, is contrary to the goals of this practice. Worse, it keeps patients from progressing as well as they might and dupes them into thinking they are being helped. And it’s a waste of money.



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