My Commitment to You!


That’s what we are about. It is no more or less complicated than our daily effort to rest, exercise, consume adequate food, and make it through the day. Our survival is my concern at a deep level. Simply looking at those around you demonstrates that we all survive at different levels. We are more well or sick than others. We are more physically capable or less than others. We know that diet, exercise and all of our lifestyle choices make a difference. My commitment to your survival is to help you out of trouble with your health, and to bring you to good health. If you desire I want to help you move up from survival level to better living.



My commitment to your living is to teach you how to be healthy and how to achieve and maintain optimum health.  What is optimum health? It is a condition of your body in which you are resistant to most all illness. You feel good and energetic, and able to do those things which you desire in mind and heart to do. It is that body condition which supports your achievement of your dreams and desires in this life. To that end I provide services and guide you to products that support these living goals. These services include my in office care which provides numerous evaluation and treatment techniques and tools that truly get to the heart of your body health and function and enable them to achieve maximum. This means getting all you can from your body, and doing all the things; structural, chemical, mental, emotional and electrical (body communication) to achieve Total Optimum Performance.



Your body and all its activities are pure energy. No, it may not feel that way to you at this moment, but science has acknowledged that it is all energy. Everything we sense and perform comes from the energy of our physical and spiritual being. Why is this information useful? A small number of practitioners in health and wellness such as myself are using the energy of the body to explore and manipulate all there is about us that can change. Through ages of study in health and wellness by all manner of healing artists we have discovered that everything about how our body works, thinks, feels and actualizes as life is changeable. Through energetic analysis and treatment we are able to access who and what you are.  My commitment is to assist you to change it, to the core of your very self/SELF.