Structural Foundation Needs

Your structure is the struts and beams and wires of the palace in which you live. Nothing seems to aggravate the senior citizen more than a loss of ability to move, to work with their body, to lose their independence due to structural demise. Since my entry into Chiropractic in the 70’s what was considered irrelevant regarding the application of natural spinal health care is now the center of wellness care, and  the Physical Therapists, massage therapists, physiatrists are all over the chiropractic model, that spinal/structural proposition that “structure precedes function”.

So we are witnessing that the world has discovered that the alignment of your spine is important, but that’s not the whole story. In the neurological function world we find that, again, one cannot separate the parts! Once and for all, it’s all important, interdependent, essential. Structural integrity and function includes the free movement of the muscles, bones and soft tissue of the body with no abnormal resistance or obstruction. For this and other reasons your musculoskeletal health is core to any wellness, wholistic health program. Therefore when necessary, movement of joints and restoration of muscle and ligament integrity and function is performed by the Doctor or therapist or your own exercise program.  All this effort to assure that your hardware, bones and muscles, and software, brain and nerves, and output through the continuous connective tissue matrix of the entire body is functioning at its peak!