Supplements & Dietary Needs

Your supplemental nutrition needs are dependent on the quality of your current diet, the amount of raw food in your diet, age, personal genetics, gender, health condition, organ status, daily demands, physical output, and more. To satisfy the bodies true need, you will be assessed energetically, in light of the above and also your goals for getting well and staying well. Porterwellness encourages all patients to eat plenty of raw food, vegetables, fruits and meats, along with whole grains in moderation. This provides most of the vitamins and minerals and enzymes you need. If you or your circumstances are less than ideal, we encourage the addition of nutritional supplements tested specifically for your body in the following ways:

  • We insist that the supplement be high quality for the lifting of your health to its peak.
  • It must test as desirable by the body, to conform with body demand, thus not wasting money and attention on unnecessary supplements.
  • Finally perfect doses of supplements are established using the body’s energy language.

The supplements supplied to you will only be recommended if the above requirements are met.

It is also wise to consume multi-vitamins, digestive enzymes, and minerals. This may be expanded as far as you like, to assure your getting and staying well.

Consider though, that the most abundant and common drug of life is the food we put in our bodies.   As Hippocrates once said ”  Let food by thy medicine and medicine thy food.”  Food is your greatest source of personal health control, even more important than exercise. Diets are not special; they are a way of life and choosing to get the most of one’s life, demands choosing to eat in a responsible, empowering way. Yes different people have different needs, but generally most eating needs are similar. If allergies or blood types must be considered this is done and emphasized as a way toward insuring that your health will be good and stable. Most of the damaging diseases of our time are directly related to our eating habits, and therefore that is how we control our future, by eating intelligently. Expect that to be interesting and very adequate. The healthy diet is a great way to live. The standard American diet is a miserable way to die!  At Porterwellness you can expect to have you’re your best diet designed specifically for you.