Emotional Health

Emotion is energy in motion. Energy that is not in motion if it is a feeling in the body, such as sadness, fear, anger, resentment, yearning, or one of dozens of others, becomes resistance to flow of life energy. Truly the unexpressed emotion(s) of living represent great challenge to individual health because they are energy. If it is dammed up, obstructed or inhibited in expression, that is “stuffed” or denied or whatever, that unexpressed emotion is an unnecessary stressor in the body. These may accumulate and lead to serious malfunction. It is said that if one has forty tears to cry, thirty-five won’t get it done. Several techniques of processing to remove unprocessed emotional energies have developed over the years, most created with the tools of Muscle Response Testing coupled with psychology. The techniques are fascinating and powerful, often in minutes releasing troublesome, health inhibiting stress form the body and mind. It is so important to recall that all energy issues of the body will have structural, nutritional, emotional, and electrical components as well as possible toxic, or allergic or electrical imbalances that must all be resolved for optimum wellness.