Detoxification of the body is necessary constantly due to natural metabolism. The body burns fuel and excretes waste from its activities daily. The efficient body handles its own waste in an appropriate fashion and should need little if any help in detox. Sedentary or other imbalanced lifestyles, aging, improper foods, environmental toxins, disease, and so on may cause the body to get behind itself in timely detoxification. Often this goes on for days, months or years. If you have a cold and recover quickly you are aware of the post cold waste removal that you experience as achiness, poor elimination, thirst and the like. Longer term accumulations of toxins not readily removed from the body can cause great disharmony in the body. This may be experienced as pain, poor bowel performance, weakness, respiratory compromise, indigestion, and truly more unpleasant symptom and body effects than any other single problem. Toxicity is very harmful to the body and can lead to severe health problems. Proper diet is recommended for natural detoxification while nutritional supplement additions can enhance and accelerate detoxification. Detoxification alone can change health conditions greatly.