Colon Cleansing

Do colons really need “cleansing”? After all, if they move frequently, preferably at least once a day, and if the lining of the intestines is sloughed off daily, why would they need cleansing? In fact there is evidence that the walls of the colon do accumulate debris that is toxic, as well as sticky mucous which retains toxins as well as inhibiting the uptake of nutrients recovered from the waste being passed. As well, the intestine may be “dirtied up” by the too frequent intake of refined, low fiber foods. Also, it is common for excess grain and dairy consumption to create sluggishness of the bowel which allows the too long residence of putrefying foods which release numbers of unhealthy toxins back into the body. So, yes, it can be a great contribution to health to detoxify and cleanse the bowel occasionally. This can be done with special nutrient supplements and dietary changes. A good cleansing may be safely accomplished in a few days without great sacrifice or discomfort. In extreme cases a full colonic may be necessary and useful.

This is rare. Following or in conjunction with a bowel cleanse, flora is replenished and other recommendations may be made to assure health of bowel function.