Anxiety / Depression

These two energetic phenomenon generally have electrical and chemical components. Understand that it is ultimately all energy; therefore they are manageable with energetic manipulation. Tools for this include:

  • spinal and cranial manipulation or stimulation with various methods,
  • cold laser,
  • acupuncture,
  • needle free acupunture,
  • emotional release,
  • homeopathy,
  • nutrition,
  • color and sound therapy,
  • mentalization and more.

Anxiety is a spinning of energies that can often be stopped quickly with one or more of the above tools. If there are nutritional components to the anxiety, a specific bioenergetic test will reveal this, allowing a perfect remedy for the body and mind. Porterwellness will not minimize the potential seriousness and life altering facets of these conditions nor will we be intimidated by them. They are energetic phenomena that may be greatly helped or even controlled and eliminated with proper natural care. Because  they are multifaceted conditions, our appropriate, just-right-application of many tools or inputs desired by the body is facilitated by exact body demand testing.  Our philosophy is intelligent application of every tool at hand to free the body of resistance to healthy flow of life!