A healthy body responds to foreign energies, chemical or otherwise by changing and adapting seamlessly, without treating the foreigner as an enemy. Also, the “normal” stimulants of daily life, whatever the source, affect the body without reaction beyond normal range of response. Sometimes, though, the body overreacts to substances that bother no one else. If everything is energy we have to suspect that the response is energetic. What does that mean in “overreaction, or allergic response” demonstrated by any number of symptoms from slight sneezing or indigestion to severe hives or anaphylaxis? It means energetic incompatibility. It may mean misinterpretation by the body, or aspects of reaction out of synch with normal. We avoid the insulting substance or treat the body reaction with chemistry and such, while the solution lies in resetting the electrical system of the body so it will not treat ordinary things as enemies. Rewrite the code with energy therapy, find the offender, strengthen the body, and release any resistance to free flow of life.