What Other Ways Will My Body Be Guided To Optimum Health?

Following the body only with energy testing your body can be lifted to its best using tools and techniques of Cold Laser therapy, percussion release, cranial-sacral therapy, sound and light stimulus, virtual resistance release, TMJ integration, neurologic integration, and others. The key to the success of these efforts is this, energy testing navigates through the body maze guided by the body itself. The body never lies when its language is understood, and in response to its needs it will dictate the perfect therapy, inclusive any of the modalities available. AND, the body may dictate any other therapy, including the appropriateness of therapists and their modalities. Your body knows what it wants and needs and it can be tested bioenergetically to determine desirability, and compatibility and how much of any other energy field of energy it wants to utilize. Again this applies to your nutrition elements, your practitioners, your relationships, and every conceivable need.