What about my vitamin and food supplement needs?

This is a very important issue. Essentially, the food supply is over processed, it is raised on denuded soils, or shot full of drugs and hormones and raised in inorganic, unnatural conditions, it is contaminated in preparation, AND, your digestive processes are inadequate due to these foods and your stress and the lack of raw in you diet, etc, etc. It’s not a pretty picture. Of course you rightfully wonder if you might benefit from vitamins and food supplements. The answer is generally yes, IF those vitamins and supplements are superior quality, if they are compatible with your body, if you need them, if they are prescribed and dosed specifically for you, if you can digest and metabolize them! Taking poor quality supplements wrongly chosen not only is a waste of money and body effort, worse, you think you are helping yourself when in fact you may be deepening your problem and getting farther from your goal of wellness. Bioenergetic testing will prove the quality of your nutrition be it pills or food, it will prove your need for it and exactly how much and how often as well as when its useless to you. It makes little difference what “research”, generally dubious, says, nor what your friends recommendations or experiences are.