Should I pursue homeopathy, acupuncture, medicine, massage?

Porterwellness recommends you have one of each practitioner as well as a good body centered psychotherapist, life coach, friend and pet if you like those. Truth is none do it all and specialists have a place for you at times. Porterwellness stands for the integration of all these parts and therapies and integrates them for you if you choose. Your body will tell us what you need and want. BEYOND your wellness care every 3rd  month we suggest you check with us when you have a health concern before you spend time and money unnecessarily. Do this with a phone call or an office visit.  Because none of these practitioners are truly wholistic or trained to read the body as we are with our tools, we believe we can usually help you more naturally, faster and at less cost. Even if you are referred for other care the referral will be guided by your body intelligence, not a cookbook protocol.