You Look Really Good!

“You look really good…., (which surprises me- given your age)”………

Don’t you love hearing that!  Who doesn’t? You understand that how you look is a reflection of your inner health. You know your vibration of vitality and the glow of health and youth is a direct outcome of your lifestyle. Your self-care, including good diet, exercise, rest and vitamins are paying off and it shows in your youthful appearance. Ah, life is so good; precisely because your effort is to make it good. Keep it up, you do look great!

No matter how you feel you are looking today, you can usually make it better. I am amazed at the truth that our inner energy is the cause of our outer beauty. It shows the wholistic principle of life, that beauty is more than skin deep. It permeates our whole being. It is a reflection of our efforts to be chemically healthy, structurally sound, and balanced in life. Or simply said, eat right, keep fit, rest and play a little.

Beware though. You know that some folks are unpleasantly surprised to find out that they aren’t so healthy. High blood pressure, blood fats, and blood sugar, commonly appear as a surprise. They are insidious, as is cancer, and other diseases. WHAT TO DO IN THE FACE OF THIS? Let us energetically test your health and body functions. Seriously, very seriously!

Do you know that a large part of Porterwellness practice is helping mid-life women with life disabling hormonal imbalance, which their regular medical providers can’t even detect! We also are helping lots of serious digestive disorders and gall bladder problems and the problem of gluten intolerance. It doesn’t stop there. The epidemic nature of functional hypoadrenia, a stress disorder, responds consistently to our treatment. Chronic inflammatory body conditions respond very well at Porterwellness.  And, ALL of this without drugs or radical therapies!

We have the knowledge, tools and thoughtful consideration to help with these issues. And that’s just the beginning. If feeling and looking great is what you want, be sure we are on your team. And please, don’t wait till you hurt to get it handled!

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Thank you, and great natural health to you NOW!

Dr Porter and Sierra