Total Optimum Performance

Changing, modulating, refining, enhancing your entire life

Remove barriers to all performance, known and unknown.

Fine tune your personal performance, body, mind and spirit.


Optimize musculoskeletal/ neurologic communication. Release any inhibition to brain body communication. Insure that your brain can totally communicate with your body, allowing achievement of your appropriate goals with your body.

This opens the door for accomplishment of fitness goals with your personal software (brain programming) communicating accurately with your body systems, the hardware. This is spinal correction, muscle programming, functional  neurologic integration and inhibition release for the whole physical structure.

Perfect your chemistry. Energetically customize your diet, food, vitamin and nutrient intake to fit your body demand. Eliminate the best guess usage of inferior food, diet, vitamins, minerals and all other inappropriate nutritional intake. Modify your outcomes in your body by slowing your aging, and deeply influencing your resistance to disease and deterioration.

Daily schedules and exercise protocols are energetically tested and tuned to be personalized and optimized to cut all wasted time and effort. You can be tested accurately to determine which exercises work for you, and how much sleep you need.  Anything in your life may be tested for compatibility with your needs.

Mind and Inner Self

Communication materials in all forms, written word, music, video, etc., can be tested for their effect on your mind. As well, all materials can be tested for their effect on any of your person and the energetic levels of your person, such as the chakras, acupuncture meridians, emotions, and heart. You can energetically customize your mental and spiritual pursuits for optimum outcome.


Relationships can be tested and enhanced to optimize their intimacy at all levels and remove hidden and  unknown, sabotaging energies. You can get to the truth of anything. This applies to personal, family, business and corporate relationships.

Life plans

Any material or idea or thought may be tested for desirability and compatibility with your mind and body and spirit. The quality and quantity of anything measurable may be tested, including intentions, goals, considerations and the like.

Who you are

The open and willing candidate can discover and optimize who they are by finding and eliminating all facets of their apparent self which are energetically false constructions.

Guided by YOUR INNER AGENDA, body, mind, heart, you may discover your path and apply all appropriate health and life technologies in the ultimate form of Life Coaching, the self-physical and SELF-Spiritual directed path. This is the ultimate SELF-GUIDED TOUR!