Get Well, Stay Well, Be Well

The Wellness Alignment………..includes

  1. Structural assessment and alignment testing exactly what your body needs via Bioenergetic navigation and interrogation

The body’s structure is the solid bones and muscular and ligamentous tie wires that connect together the human house you live in. Its proper alignment and the relationship of its parts is critical to movement which is life.

    • Spine, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacroiliac
    • Extremities
    • Cranial bones
    • Temporomandibular joint (jaw)

All these pieces and parts must move in harmony with all the other parts, in a purposeful way. Life’s bounces and tensions and traumas of every kind can disrupt these movements and relationships. ANY resistance to any of these movements from these damages reduces human potential.

  1. Soft tissue assessment and adjustment,  Muscle health and function and the  connective tissues of the body, including organs

The organs must move in relation to one another and in a free and designed harmonious way. All body tissue, organs included, may be injured from physical and chemical stresses and even prolonged anxieties or emotional states. These stresses cause resistance to normal expression of flow, structural, chemical and electrical. This must be corrected.

  1. Organ and system function scoring and stress measurement with correction to optimum
    • Cardiovascular system
    • Respiratory system
    • Digestive system, whole and parts
    • Hepatobiliary system and parts
    • Carbohydrate metabolism
    • Immune system and parts
    • Genitourinary system
    • Reproductive system
    • Musculoskeletal system
    • Endocrine system
    • Lymphatic system
    • Blood

All forms of life and environmental stress, from diet to dirty air to overwork and unhappiness are processed in the body often leaving distress in the organs and systems. This may be simple indigestion or clogged arteries or depressed immunity and allergy. These disruptions in perfect function may be assessed by energetically scoring the organ and system thereby discovering before clinical expression of disease the body’s weaknesses, and then they may be corrected to optimum function.

  1. Nutritional assessment
    • 1.  Diet general
    • 2. Digestive health and supplementation
    • 3.  Nutritional needs and supplementation, organs, systems, conditions

The standard American diet generally provides nutrition poor calories and leaves toxins and indigestible residues in the body which compromise the immune system, starve the organs and their functions and leave residues of harmful chemicals and toxins which accelerate aging and degeneration. This may be corrected, discovering and treating these problems before they manifest as disease, and even restoring some of youth’s vitality.

Treatment and recommendation for specific needs at the visit may include: Spinal adjustment, allergy desensitization or neuroemotional considerations and releases when necessary and any other energetic resistance tested in the body, which inhibits optimum performance.

Several advanced tools and methods are used at each assessment and treatment to discover all body resistance, whether structural, chemical, emotional, toxic, allergic, or environmental disharmony, and to remove these resistances and restore the entire body to optimum performance.

  1. Life stress assessment, and recommended modification

Life and everything in it and about it is energy, from the bones in the toes to the thoughts in the mind to the stars in the sky. When this energy is flowing freely, there is wellness, when it is resisted, disrupted or otherwise disturbed whether it be a thought or a toxic blood cell, there is disharmony and potential illness, in the body or the cosmos. Bioenergetic assessment and wellness treatment methods can remove the resistance to healthy wellness. The body never lies, and navigated properly it can lead to resolution of harmful stresses in life.

All body testing is relative. It applies to you and you alone, and you are tested individually against your own best circumstances. This form of treatment is truly all about you.

How is the body assessed?

Where there is a specific imbalance it will be revealed through a Muscle Response Test or MRT. For example a spinal misalignment will cause a muscle weakness on the MRT. A specific adjustment of the demonstrated finding of misalignment returns the test to normal, and the weakness becomes a strength. Other Bioenergetic testing provides the same information and guides the proper treatment just as the MRT does. This testing is generally faster and more accurate. This speed and accuracy is what allows a remarkable amount of testing and treatment in a short time.

Exact and specific were impossible with the human body, up until now.  This remarkable energetic testing allows exactness in assessment, eliminating the common educated guessing in body analysis. Now the limit of the analysis is the questions asked of the body. Therefore, discovering the perfection or imbalance of the bodies functions and needs in the six basic considerations; structure, nutrition, emotional stress, allergy/sensitivity, toxicity, and electrical imbalance is clearly achieved. Following that necessary treatment is guided by the same testing, clear and precise.

System assessment and scoring

There are several methods of measuring systems of the body and their functions.

Bioenergetic scoring is accomplished by energetically testing the body through a group of homeopathic filters determined to be measurably indicative of quality of health regarding toxicity, degeneration and regeneration. They are also available for virtually any condition of the body and its functions. These tests are also used in allergy treatment.

Logarithmic or arithmetic measurements guide assessment and treatment by allowing pre and post treatment evaluation and measurement on the spot of body circumstances. Thus the doctor is guided to what needs treatment and when that treatment is correct and complete. Your body and its functions and needs can be effectively measured, and what can be measured can be managed!

The natural approach to Get Well, Be Well, and Stay Well at Porterwellness is unsurpassed and un-duplicated. We are committed to comprehensive assessment and treatment of the whole body. To accomplish this goal and remain cost effective we have endlessly sought and utilized cutting edge technology from energetic medicine.

Through insight and vast experience we have developed assessment and treatment protocols second to none. These allow the patient a truly personal discovery of their body circumstances and the methods and treatments to guide you to personal wellness and all that matters to you. Bioenergetic finds your truth, and your body doesn’t lie.

Science and Philosophy, Your Quantum Physical Self

Should you seek and maintain wellness following your own body’s intelligence?

Truly, you are unique. While science has revealed much about how your body works, this science by nature divides you into pieces and parts and systems and processes and relationships which defy control. Why else would the most highly medicated society in history be 42nd in the world in longevity, and why do over 100 thousand people die each year from medical mishap? The facts are that medicine isn’t the answer to health; it is merely the treatment of disease. If it’s disease you want to treat, medicine may be your game. With their current performance record and their complete submission to Big Pharmaceutical companies your chances for true “wellness” are limited.

Medicine effectively saves and preserves many lives, at great expense of course, by reliance of the notion that you are pieces and parts that malfunction, by medicine’s standard, and it is isolation of and treatment of those parts and pieces with drugs and surgery that is medicine. These treatments are now the 3rd leading cause of death in this country by some studies.

Medicine is NOT about the whole you.

You can discover potential health problems long before they may become compromising or threatening to your well being. You can get well, be well, and stay well naturally.

Of course there is a caveat, and that is simply this, you never know what you prevent!

This is the purpose of understanding and exploring your energetic body with navigational tools such as Muscle Response Testing and Bioenergetic testing. These tools measure you against your best self and highest potential. They allow the interpretation of your body’s systems and functions in relation to all your body not just its pieces and parts. These tools open the door to your structure, chemistry, mental emotional states, electrical properties such as acupuncture, and a host of interrelationships that determine all that you are. This information is accessible as never before. It allows precise, personal analysis and treatment.

Every prescription and treatment and program is tested for quality for, quantity of, and compatibility with you the client. No longer must you receive the “standard cookbook” treatment. You will not receive the same spinal adjustment as everyone else, the same vitamin prescription, the same allergy treatment, the same of any of the cookie cutter therapy that is dished out in medicine and most “health” care. There will be no guesses regarding your treatment. It will be exactly as your body dictates, where, when and how. You can even analyze what therapies or other protocols are necessary and desirable for your best health, whether it be massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, or any of the dozens of choices available.

Once you embrace that all is energy, that all human pieces, parts, functions, and even thoughts and emotions are energy in an energetic universe, and that this energy is measurable  and manageable, the door is open to understanding and treating virtually anything.