Initially I came in for lower back and hip pain. I had had this pain for several months. I had seen another chiropractor for approximately three months with little results. I was at Dr. Porters for a holistic approach; vitamins, diet, and gentle adjustments. I felt better within a few weeks and had lost a few pounds. I am so happy that my quality of life has been restored. I was having difficulty just with activities of daily living. I was not even able to bend over without great pain for months. My treatments far exceeded my expectations. The first time I had a break through in pain I couldn’t wait to go home and scrub my bathroom floor. It’s interesting how pain in movement can effect jut the simplest of tasks. I feel better than I have in years.

Thank you Dr. Porter. I feel great!!!

RQ –  47 year old female.


I was having pain in my left shoulder and lower back. My back pain was constant through childhood. Shoulder pain was only for about a month. I had seen another chiropractor before when I was 13 for my back. The techniques Dr. Porter performed were really cool. He was doing this muscle testing on me. He told me that my brain was sending the wrong message to my muscles. Then he hit these points on my body and tested me again and everything was even. Then next day I  felt stable standing up. Later on as I continued the treatments my hand/eye coordination hand improved. Pretty trippy stuff. My results were no more pain. I am able to walk around with no pain in my back. I like to work out and I noticed after completing my treatment my lifting and balance had greatly improved. To tell you the truth I went in a little skeptical just because of the different methods he practices. But I came out amazed by the whole treatment. Multiple improvements. What more could you ask for. I recommend anyone see Dr. Porter with any body pain at all. It has been a good experience.

EL – 23 year old male


I would like to say thank you, Dr. Porter.  I came to you a year ago when I was exhausted, stressed and anxious from burning  the candle at both ends and not taking care of myself.  You helped me step back and refuel my reserves by paying attention to what my body needed, resting and taking DSF Formula.  To balance my hormones you put me on Her Balance cream and to decrease swelling and improve mobility, caused by stress, had me take Fish Oil capsules. I had an exciting trip planned to visit another country in six months, but wasn’t sure I would be able to go because I was feeling so poorly. With your help I regained health, energy and a positive attitude in that 6 month period. I not only made that trip to South Africa but also had the adventure of a lifetime in harvesting three amazing animals with my bow. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me and helping me to regain my life.

JD – 40 year old female


We took our son, Sebastian into Dr. Porter to help him with focusing in regards to school. He has always been a good student, but all the teachers from 1st-3rd mentioned year after year that Sebastian would lose focus and his ability to stay on task, therefore creating more work and some frustration for the teachers. He would fidget with his hands and lose concentration.  We tried however to obtain tutors, praises, and rewards. We would notice improvement at times, but it would come and go. We also noticed he would appear sleepy even with a healthy diet.
Sebastian went through the 8 session integration. We noticed almost instantly (2 sessions), that he was able to take direction quickly and did not get any bad marks for 3 weeks straight.  The teachers and I noticed the changes at school first. This was also his 5th year playing baseball and baseball was probably the most obvious. He used to get easily distracted on the field, whereas now he is one of the best hitters, and is 2nd catcher. It is so great to have other parents congratulate us on his baseball skills. I have been spending one day a week in his classroom since kindergarten. I noticed a big difference in his attention span while in class. He is no longer getting warnings from the teacher to pay attention and he focuses on the teacher. We brought Sebastian to Dr. Porter to help with his focus in school. What we got was a boy who consistently shows improvement in all aspects of his day to day activities, his baseball, ability to sleep throughout the night, his attentiveness in class and his ambition to succeed which shows me confidence improvements. I have received positive feedback from his teacher. Sebastian has become an attentive student, aware of his surroundings and he doesn’t seem to let others distract him (which was a major issue in the classroom before integration).

SG  – 9 year old boy


After a difficult breakup with my fiancé and being unhappy at work, I was experiencing extreme anxiety and depression. I could not manage to dig myself out of the hole. I conceded I needed help. For the better part of a year, (and on/off for most of my life), I felt emotional, depressed, and completely listless. I could not sleep at night, which made work unbearable. At the behest of people around me, I sought help from my doctor. I was given an anti-depressant, a sleep aid, Xanax and a referral to a psychiatrist. The anti-depressants worked intermittently for about 30 days. After that I was more hopeless than ever. The psychiatrist labeled me manic depressive after a 15 minute interview and $190. I didn’t feel better, and I never went back. I had no hope of ever feeling good again, and in desperation, would try anything to get my life back. My best friend has seen Dr. Porter for many years and he literally saved her life. I finally listened to her and made an appointment. I knew I didn’t fully understand the process, but I felt in confident hands. I left my first appointment relieved just knowing he may help me. That very afternoon, I had greatly increased energy. Then it continued. The next day and the next, the energy never left. Mentally I felt light and clear headed. I have never really had another tired or depressed day since. I take DSF formula for my worn out adrenal glands, and leaky gut. When I was worried about going off the antidepressants, Dr. Porter tested me and suggested L-Theanine. I am completely amazed how much better I feel. But, mostly I am just grateful to Dr. Porter for helping me because I really had run out of options or hope for ever feeling great again, instead of just a sad, tired robot. Circumstances or interactions that used to send me into an emotional and depressive tail spin became completely manageable. The daily headaches I had are non-existent. I don’t have to spend every spare moment on the couch. Now I have the mental and physical energy to fill my day and enjoy it. Dr. Porter far exceeded any expectations I had of the results possible.

KA –  42 year old female



I had horrible pain in my lower back.  It was making it impossible for me to work or do the things I normally do.  I went to my primary doctor, the ER, Chiropractor, had MRI’S, CT-Scans, etc.  Nobody could tell me what was wrong.  My mother referred me to Dr. Porter.  She said he wasn’t your average chiropractor and his techniques were different.  Dr. Porter told me I had a kidney infection.  He gave me a treatment, vitamin A and vitamin C.  I couldn’t believe the difference.  I saw Dr. Porter on Thursday and by Monday I was completely better.  I am amazed.   How could a chiropractor diagnose a kidney infection yet not one of the traditional doctors ever suspected.  Dr. Porter is truly gifted. Thank You Dr. Porter!

BH – male


Dear Dr. Porter,

Sunday night I woke up at 2 am and couldn’t sleep so did my meditative deep breathing and felt all was well with my world, 3 cats on the bed and Don sleeping peacefully somewhere on the other side of the bed….

I dozed and woke and breathed.  I thought my BS must be high to keep me awake.  At 7 am my FBS was 98!!! The best its been in years!!!

I figure I was oxygenating my blood through the deep breathing and didn’t get the glycogenesis from hypoxia.  I’ve been wearing my snore guard every night and last night I slept through the night, didn’t even get up to the BR.  I was amazed when I awoke at 6:30 am!!  It was still dark outside.  I’m in a state of amazement.

Dr. Porter, you said it would take about 6 months to get me on track and here we are….still a work in progress but so much better.  AND thanks for the tools you gave me to get through this terrible election.  I just do my walk and take care of my little world.  It is still upsetting but I find I am letting go much quicker than before and I feel a wt. is off my shoulders.

Also, seeing more of my faults, so able to work on them….

Many thanks,

Love to you and Sierra!!!

PB – female


I had severe pain for 6 months.  I went to the VA Hospital and saw their therapist for a massage type therapy.  I had 4 treatments yet the pain came back the day after every treatment. Finally I called Dr. Porter. I don’t know the technical terms but Dr. Porter just knew exactly what was wrong and where the pain was coming from.  When I stood up from his table the pain was gone.  After 6 months I had INSTANT relief.  WOW!  Now 4 days later the pain is still gone.  I have full faith in Dr. Porter’s treatments and have for 18 years.

BT – male


I would like to thank you for the wonderful treatment you have given me throughout these four weeks.  I had been suffering from chest pain since august 2006 and doctors couldn’t find where it was coming from.  You, not only found it but treated it to the point that I can finally work pain free.  I will be thankful to you, Dr. Porter always.

IS – female



Recently I received an email from Dr. Clyde Porter asking me to share the effects of his natural balancing methods with my girlfriends. You are receiving this email from me because I consider you one of my ‘girl’friends—like it or not.

I am writing this short note as an endorsement on behalf of Dr. Clyde Porter for two reasons: 1) He requested it, and 2) because I believe it’s important that we share what we know and what we’ve learned with each other.

This information is not new to many of you because you either have your own experiences of Dr. Porter and his treatments, or you’ve heard me talk about mine. Actually, I’ve shared some of Dr. Porter’s techniques and parts of techniques with a few of you.

In this note I decided to focus on the TACSI-to freedom developed by Dr. Porter himself. I have been using it consistently for a couple of months and have experienced some profound changes as a result. Although I’ve been doing jaw stretching exercises since I began seeing Dr. Porter some 3 or so years ago, I began practicing the TACSI-to freedom protocol on a regular basis more recently after attending the porterwellness class series.

According to Dr. Porter, the TACSI-to freedom protocol resets or refreshes circuitry, memory, resistance that is lodged in the brain. The TACSI protocol consists of stretching the jaw (TMJ connection to cranial-sacral mechanisms) while simultaneously rotating the eyes (eye scramble) and marching in place (or walking or any kind of exercise). I know it sounds crazy and believe me, it looks crazy doing it (right S?), but the benefits are amazing.

When I go through the protocol I actually feel chemical and structural changes taking place in my brain. Invariably I will have some corresponding memory, thought, feeling, etc., come to my awareness in sort of a “hello, I’ve been sitting here in your ___________(body part—fill in the blank)and am passing through” way.

I have tried various techniques over the years, with varying degrees of success, but none have been as immediate and as thorough as the TACSI technique in helping to release information stored in the illicit memory system and other parts of the body. This is the best way I have found to address and treat the root cause of ‘dis-ease’ once and for all. I’m finally feeling some relief from various aches and pains I’ve been dealing with for years.

Anyway, if you are interested in using this protocol or any of Dr. Porter’s natural balancing methods, I encourage you to call his office and schedule an appointment today. Also, you can contact me—I would be more than happy to teach this protocol to you.

One more thing—Dr. Porter uses muscle testing (the only physician using muscle testing in the area—that I know of anyway—and good on him for doing it) to accurately assess your individual body’s needs, and offers natural supplements to assist your body’s natural healing process. The progesterone cream saved my life and possibly someone else’s life too.

Thank you Dr. Porter for sharing what you know and what you have learned with the rest of us. And thank you Sierra for always greeting me with your kind heart and contagious smile.

And thank you everyone else, for taking the time to read this email. You are my soul-sistas and permanent fixtures on my list of things that I am grateful for.

JJ – female


I began seeing Dr. Porter regularly over 3 years ago. I had just been released from a psychiatric hospital after suffering from a manic episode…. Leading up to that, I was tired all the time and depressed. I didn’t have the energy to live the life I wanted. My goal was to get healthy and stop taking anti-depressants. Dr. Porter saw me every 4 weeks and gave me DSF and progesterone cream, along with other supplements. I’ve been using them ever since. I sleep so much better through the night. I am no longer taking anti-depressants. I feel like my “happy self” again. I love these supplements. I will never miss a day taking them and if I forget, I can certainly tell. I am so grateful for Dr. Porter’s help and expertise. I shudder to think of how different my life would be if I hadn’t has his support.

GC – female



I am sending this email to share my experience. The treatment that Dr. Porter gave me about a month ago has made me feel so much better. My over-all health has improved and I have lots more energy. My reason for seeing Dr. Porter was to try and figure out why I have not been able to get pregnant and I am hopeful that with my vastly improved health and vitality that I will be able to start my family.

AS – female