My Health Journey!

The Best Revenge Is Living Well!   How I govern my health journey!

Some days it’s not easy preparing for and eating well, exercising, taking the correct food supplementation, getting to bed on time, doing the meditation, confronting the inadequacies of self/SELF in the quest for health and longevity. It’s worse when you know others who do it effortlessly and actually brag about it. But worse than that is the aggravating person to whom it comes naturally, and they have no desire to deviate from the tenets and behaviors of longevity and good health. They don’t have the slightest desire for the sweets, fast foods, the stimulants or the simple neural shut down of complacency and laziness. They are abnormal, deviants, let them be!

As for me, I use various strategies and methods for compliance. I do want health and longevity, this is number one. I am committed to winning. Winning is not a number of years, but a lifestyle regardless of age. I am committed to freedom of movement in my later years, and to the energy and ability to exercise a great deal including hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, camping out, traveling and hauling a back pack and suffering only reasonable limitations of good sense and judgment. I will avoid unnecessary risk and foolish endeavor.

My mind will be alert and sharp and I will communicate freely and intelligently on a range of topics including, my professional pursuits and local and world affairs and the good and well being of mankind and my contribution to it. I will interact with all family members from the youngest to the oldest with mental and physical zest and exercise my role as companion, and educator, and confidant of heart and mind matters.

My body will be healthy till it dies. I am committed to the understandings, meanings, behaviors and intentions of the healthy lifestyle. I seek to educate myself as much as necessary to enable the accomplishment of these commitments. I do and will utilize the resources available and necessary for the success of these endeavors.

I will not judge these resources where they are reasonable and moral and I will use any and all of them to achieve my goals. I will evaluate all resources at my disposal for their appropriateness for my own self/SELF through Bioenergetic testing or a similar method which guarantees that they are right for my goals. I will not swallow any substance, do any exercise, repeat any mantra, follow any protocol, and submit to any guru who does not pass the test of desirability by or compliance with my own self/SELF.

While I am bombarded by Googles of gadgets, gimmicks, potions and pills, gurus and get-rich-also opportunities, I will hold the line I have drawn, trusting my own mind, heart and flesh. Where I am not directly spoken to in my mind, heart and flesh regarding the rightness of my path of wellness I will use reliable bioenergetic testing for assurance of the path.

No matter what stress, strain, onslaught, audit, death, misgiving, news of the day, I remember-

The best revenge is living well.