Do you have a health problem that is causing considerable pain or concern?

Are you tired of the pain and ready to relieve it?

Are you looking for a wholistic approach?

Then Porterwellness is just what you need!

Using the wholistic approach you are viewed as a whole being, consisting of:

  • structural,
  • chemical,
  • electrical, and
  • emotional facets.

For example your backache may be muscle and bone directly, or muscle and bone referring, from an organ problem such as a bowel or kidney disorder, or it may even reflect a recent loss which you are grieving and that experience has affected you physically and emotionally. We always want your diagnosis and treatment to be simple, straightforward and quick to resolve. BUT either way, using the wholistic approach Porterwellness has the tools and expertise to analyze you and deal with the imbalance as specifically as possible.

We thus eliminate:

  • wrong diagnosis,
  • wasted time,
  • needless suffering and expense,

plus you just get the comprehensive care that you need to get better.


Porterwellness steps out of the mold of ordinary diagnosis and treatment used in both medicine and generic Chiropractic. Yes, we still use all the standard tools, but we move further beyond.


Because, your body is an energetic being!   That means your entire body is energy, including your structure, chemistry, electrical state, and even emotions and mental stress. It is only occasionally that patients enter care and their problem is a simple, uncomplicated muscle strain or the like.  But in most cases the problem is more complex. This is because we are complex, multifaceted beings and this causes a patient to present with one thing with the cause being something else altogether.  For example: a patient presents with middle back pain. Turns out they are tired, they have strained a muscle or commonly they are energetically drained and thus in pain from the chemistry, structure and life stress combined to cause their backache. Lifting the trash can was just the “last straw”.

At Porterwellness we don’t just treat the sore muscle and send the patient home.  Treating only for a sore muscle will not reveal the whole issue and allow complete resolution and restoration. This patient needs:

  • muscle and bone work,
  • nutritional support and counseling to balance life stress and,
  • whatever else presents as a part of this problem.

Porterwellness has the tools and expertise to assess this patient structurally, chemically, emotionally, energetically and more to perfectly combine therapy and direction for WHOLISTIC resolution of this patient’s problem.  If this was you isn’t that what you’d want? Because all of this is combined into each office visit!  Can you believe it?  Your office visit covers at least two types of professional care, and it is energetically coordinated to you specifically right here and right now. And we will analyze you and treat you the same at every visit, combining comprehensive care and aligning all your body resources for comprehensive healing!

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Dr. Porter’s commitment to you!